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WhcMarket Forex Broker – Overview and WhcMarket Information

Address199397, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 304, Shipbuilders St., liter A, office 70

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The Broco Group was founded in 2008. It brings together the best of all that has been created by our team of service brokers, traders, analysts, professors and partners for 5 years at Ark World Market (2003), Water House Capital (2006) and Golden Contract (2007).

With each project we learned to work better on the exchange. We have experimented, opened up new markets and new opportunities for our clients to trade futures, stocks, bonds and currencies. We have trained the team of traders and service brokers, doing our best to make them qualified trade assistants for our clients.

This is the moment when it is necessary to combine all the experience into a single whole. We want to make trading on the stock exchange much more convenient and secure for our customers. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to work with a large number of tools and receive all the necessary services in one place.

This single center today is the Broco group of companies. She will become a reliable broker and the first assistant in your work in the international and Russian markets.

The best we’ve achieved

All trading instruments and trading conditions that you liked at Water House Capital (for example, placing orders inside the spread, absence of “Freeze Level” and “Stop and Limit Level” levels, combined charts on futures and much more) are saved. You can also continue to use these services at Broco.

All trading instruments and trading conditions that you liked in the company “Golden Contract” (for example, exchange trading conditions, the ability to trade long months of delivery of CFDs on futures contracts, low spreads on currency pairs, the choice of leverage to work in the Forex market and much more) are also saved. At Broco you can continue to work in your usual mode.


We have created a single trading account where you will be able to work with a large number of financial instruments and on the same trading conditions, which you are used to in our previous projects.

We have introduced shares and CFDs of Russian companies listed on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, St. Petersburg Currency Exchange, and MICEX, MICEX, PTC, PTC Board, PTC FORTS.

All financial instruments in Broco are traded from a micro lot (contract). Thanks to this innovation you have the opportunity to use the laws of capital management in practice, and your trading in the market can become the most profitable. The company provides an opportunity for all traders to choose the right number of contracts depending on the size of the deposit, diversifying their financial portfolios to the maximum extent possible.

Broco Group is licensed and accredited by the FFMS, which allows it to provide brokerage and dealer services in the securities market. Broco also has the right to conduct securities management activities.

Broco has an international financial investment license of the 1st (highest) category – Global Business Licence Category 1, issued by FSC. Thanks to it it can render broker, dealer, investment services in the market Forex, Futures (futures trading), Stock (stock markets), and also to create share funds and to carry out services on trust management in any international markets.

The Broco group of companies has launched its own internet radio BrocoPulse. It was created to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information in the field of finance: about the opening of currency, futures and stock markets, economic reviews, interviews with traders and analysts. In addition, we broadcast contests, educational programs and financial forecasts used by our traders in their own trading. We want you to get the most relevant and useful information you can use to increase your trading deposits.

Broco continues to hold contests for traders you already know, who were in the past projects, and, of course, arranges new ones.

Broco’s partnership programs have become more profitable for our partners by merging companies and attracting partners to new projects. We open branches, encourage the best partners and always welcome new opportunities for cooperation with those who want to start a brokerage business in the market.

Transferring clearing operations through leading clearing houses in the U.S. and Europe, Broco, as in past projects, provides an opportunity for our clients to open accounts with brokers MF Global and Saxo Bank. By opening a trading account through us, you will receive low commissions and qualified support in Russian.

All the old and new services of the Broco group of companies are aimed at the highest quality broker and dealer service in the market, so that partners feel comfortable, and investors were confident that their funds are in the hands of professionals.

Trade information and WhcMarket conditions

Accrual % on the rest
Address of the head office199397, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 304, Shipbuilders str, Liter A, office 70
Competitions, competitions
First deposit bonus
Tel. support
Demo account
24 h. trade
Max. Credge shoulder500:1
Min. lot size
Standard account, $100
Mini account, $100
ECN account, $
Account currenciesEUR, USD
Methods of paymentBank transfer, Payment cards
Other instruments
LanguagesRussian, English
Type of brokerBroker
Basis year2008

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