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Trading platform Thinkorswim 

ThinkDesktop is an institutional-level trading platform. The application was developed by Thinkorswim. The type of trading, for which the application is designed in the first place – daily trading. The Thinkorswim platform is equipped with advanced systems for monitoring and analyzing investment assets, options and derivatives. This makes the platform an efficient, comprehensive and very powerful financial instrument. The platform is available for both fixed installation and browser use for Windows and MacOS operating systems. The platform is equipped with a CNBC Plus tool that allows you to instantly reproduce the state of the financial market. This feature is integrated with the Live News section and gives access to the CNBC Plus service directly from the platform. The browser version of the Thinkorswim trading platform provides traders with the full functionality they are accustomed to when using the installation version of the application, with the only difference that it only needs to be connected to the Internet in order to perform trading operations.

Profits of the Thinkorswim:

trading platform

  • The platform allows you to trade directly from charts and also has integrated charts and financial news feeds.
  • It is possible to create your own indicators, although there is no possibility to embed your own trading systems.
  • The platform can be used in a demo mode called paperMoney, in which the trader has two virtual accounts of $100,000 virtual money each. This mode allows you to test the functionality of the platform and trading strategies without risk of real assets.
  • Platform checks for updates when registering a user in the application and automatically sets them in the background.
  • Application Developer provides free user guidance and a wide range of training materials.

Lack of Thinkorswim:

trading platform

  • The platform does not have a mobile notification system, although notifications via e-mail can be configured by the user.
  • Thinkorswim has a limited selection of available trade orders, and these do not include such as Stop Order and Market Order.


Mirror Trader 

Mirror Trader platform is offered by more than two dozen brokerage companies. Mirror Trader gives the trader the opportunity to use signals in real time, as well as technical analysis tools. And also to choose the effective strategies of more successful colleagues and copy them, which is easy enough even for a beginner. With the help of the terminal, the user can open a huge “warehouse” of good strategies.


The eSignal trading platform offers users who choose it various tools for technical analysis. Choosing this platform, you will be able to use a variety of tools that analyze and scan market data, charts, indicators, modules, with which to test the developed new strategies. eSignal can offer traders a wide range of opportunities, for example, to write trading strategies and indicators using the scripting language.


VertexFX trading platform is deservedly considered to be one of the most reliable trading systems currently available in the financial market. VertexFX is a global tool for electronic trading of currency pairs and other financial instruments, which was created by traders and financial experts. VertexFX includes advanced features such as Ready Smart Dealer, Ready Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge and Ready Multi Account Trader.

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