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Thinkorswim Advantages and disadvantages

101,000 Thinkorswim is an institutional trading platform. The type of trade for which the application is intended is one-day trading. The Thinkorswim platform is equipped with advanced systems for monitoring and analysing investment assets, options and derivatives. This makes the platform an effective, comprehensive and very powerful financial instrument.

Thinkorswim Platform Brokers: LegacyFX, TeleTrade, Grand Capital, Alpha Forex, Just2Trade

The platform is available for both desktop and browser use for Windows and MacOS operating systems. The platform is equipped with the CNBC Plus tool, which allows you to immediately recreate the state of the financial market. This feature is integrated into the Live News section and gives you access to CNBC Plus directly from the platform. The browser version of the Thinkorswim Trading Platform provides traders with the full functionality they are used to when using the installation version of the application, except that it is enough only to connect to the Internet to make a trade.

Features ThinkOrSwim


TOS Platform interface consists of several tabs located at the top: Monitor, Trading, Analysis, Scanning, Marketwatch, Charts, Tools and Help. By clicking on the Charts tab, you will see the layout of several windows that can be modified using the side buttons: News, L2 (Level 2), Chart, Buttons, Active Trader, Time and Trade and Trading. By selecting as many buttons as you like, you can configure the window to your liking by adding the necessary tools to it. You can also resize the window so that it is large or small on demand.

Thinkorswim Trading Platform is a great help for traders who are fluent in English and want to take advantage of the most convenient technical possibilities in binary options trading.


Charts in TOS are very versatile. Traders can use traditional bars, lines and candles to analyze charts. ToS also has less traditional graphics, which is built using Heikin Ashi and Equivolume (equivalent volumes). Additionally, the graphic may be associated with a color code with other windows. This is useful when switching between different items in multiple buckets Time. We usually bind windows to a 5-minute, 15-minute schedule that provides a broader overview of short-term pricing.

Benefits of thinkorswim trading platform:

The platform allows you to trade directly from charts and also has integrated charts and financial news channels. You can create your own indicators, although there is no way to embed your own trading systems. The platform can be used in a demo mode called paperMoney, in which the trader has two virtual accounts for $100,000 of virtual money each. This mode allows you to test the functionality of the platform and trading strategies without risky assets. The platform checks for updates when the user signs up for the app and automatically installs them in the background. The app developer provides free user manual and a wide range of tutorials.

No Thinkorswim trading platform :

1 The platform does not have a mobile alert system, although email notifications can be configured by the user. Thinkorswim has a limited selection of available trading orders and does not include such as Stop Order and Market Order.

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