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Reviews on Lexatrade – good to know before investing

The year 2020 has proved to be a year full of unexpected changes for all of us and the need to adapt to the new conditions caused by the global pandemic. After the initial chaos and anxiety, we slowly accepted the new state of affairs, some changes permanently entered our daily routine. Internet activity, largely due to the need for isolation, has increased significantly. With it, there was also a significant increase in interest in already popular online investments. If you also want to enter the world of stock market investments, it is worth knowing a few reviews about Lexatrade. Trading through an online broker is an extremely easy way to invest, they allow you to make a significant profit with little effort. Of course, it should be remembered that all trades involve some risk, there is no 100% certainty of success. When it comes to Lexatrade, this service will be a good choice for both beginners and advanced traders. Available lexatrade reviews say that thanks to an advanced training system and available analytical and educational materials, everyone is able to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for transactions. According to our opinion, Lexatrade deserves attention also because of its advanced platform and extensive investment offer, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves. 

Before You Start – Lexatrade Information

When choosing to invest, it is worth to read the available information about Lexatrade. The success of your trades largely depends on the degree of preparation, proper analysis, selection of the right moments and many other factors, including a little luck. Lexatrade, as one of the most comprehensive brokers, offers a rich investment offer offering opportunities to trade such assets as currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and securities. Transactions take place through one of the five available accounts. For information about Lexatrade account types, see on the website at https://lexatrade.com/pl/account-types/. Available accounts include Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts. The choice of account depends on the amount of the deposit made and combines with different possibilities. For start-ups interested in basic investments in currency pairs or cryptocurrencies, a Start account is recommended to begin with, which can be opened for as long as $250. When opening each account, the investor will receive an attractive welcome bonus of up to 120% of the deposit value, which they can use for further investments. According to Lexatrade statistics, the most popular account chosen by investors is a Gold account, allowing you to trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, securities and commodities, plus offering training, additional materials, weekly consultations with a Lexatrade financial analyst and many other add-ons. Investments are made through the well-known MT4 platform investors, and to facilitate the adventure with investments, each investor will initially have access to a short training on the operation of this platform after opening an account. In addition to trading accounts, Lexatrade also offers investment portfolios – a safer alternative that allows you to match active as well as passive profit. Investors can choose from four available investment portfolios:

Beginner – from $5,000 deposit,Intermediate – from $10,000 deposit,Advanced – from $25,000 deposit,Expert – from $50,000 deposit.

With a profitable investment portfolio, you don’t have to worry about investment risk like traditional exchange-traded activities. In addition, it can enjoy a profit of up to 8% passive and up to 13% active return. 

Smess and Lexatrade policy

Lexatrade follows safety rules at all levels of its business. As a rule, to open an account on the site, a person must be of legal age, can open only one account, and the money he enters into the system in the form of investments must come from legitimate sources, that is, be “clean”. In order to prevent possible fraud attempts, Lexatrade, as well as other financial institutions, adheres to european AML regulations and therefore applies a two-step registration, where several documents are required. What should not be a problem for an honest trader may prove to be an inse passage barrier for fraudsters. Lexatrade therefore requires a passport, proof of address and credit card. It is worth noting that lexatrade transactions are carefully monitored to prevent any attempted money laundering or other suspicious activity. 

Lexatrade – popular cheating methods

Unfortunately, online scams are extremely popular and scammers are becoming more creative in their actions. Lexatrade sensitizes its investors to any fraud attempts, advising caution and prudence. Investment forums, especially those dedicated to cryptocurrencies, are full of links and programs loaded with viruses, designed to penetrate the computers of careless users. So it’s a good thing to think twice before clicking on a link from an unverified “advisor”. Also, watch out for people posing as analysts. You often unwittingly share information that can be used against you. Recently, we read about an investor who has been the victim of a scam by a person claiming to be an analyst of his own broker. The fraudster found information about his investments on a Facebook investment group where an investor asked for advice. So pay attention to what channels your investors communicate with you, do not be afraid to verify their data, after all, it is about your money. Under no circumstances should you share your access passwords with anyone. Lexatrade has protected the website from data leaks with an SSL certificate, and you can also protect your computer from possible attempts to steal your data. To do this, it is a good thing to have an advanced and updated antivirus program. 


Online investments are a great way to profit and an interesting adventure, but it is worth remembering about risk factors and common sense.

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