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MetaTrader 4 forex platform


MetaTrader 4 platform is currently the most sought after and is a leader due to the fact that it is very convenient and easy to use. It has several varieties that can be used by traders trading mobile devices – PDAs, smartphones, iPhones and others. Often brokers and controllers provide clients with their own, not like all platforms that are specific terminals, but in fact it turns out that all the details have been completed on the redesign of the Metatrader 4 interface.

This platform has many advantages, making it used by a huge number of traders.

Benefits MT4

Compared to analogues offered by other developers, it boasts a more user-friendly interface. Then excellent functionality, which allows for a comfortable and efficient replacement, as well as conducting technical analysis. The trader can use indicators, quotes, graphic tools, three types of charts, as well as a newsfeed, which is regularly updated. With it, you have the opportunity to use nine periods of charting, open as many windows as you need, and run a test of advisors. If you have your own strategy, you can build an advisor or new Indicators. This is possible due to the fact that the platform is embedded in the M’L programming language. All operations are confidential because they use a 128-bit encryption system based on a special algorithm and electronic signature. For now, you will be aware of all the quotes. The operations will be archived and can be viewed at any time. The big plus is that the platform is free, there are no restrictions on use.

Despite the large number of advantages, there is nothing perfect, and this platform is no exception. It has some flaws that are not so much, but for justice you need to replace them.

The disadvantage of MT4

is that there are no fixed accruals or swaps being removed. To control them in the future, swaps are billed in account history, but in reality, persisting takes place in server logs. At the end of the business day, your remaining positions will be closed and the price will be moved when you reopen. This is how banks using this terminal. Novice traders talk about the inability to hold swaps, but you can deal with it with a free EA or change the setting.

Almost all defects found by beginners are the result of the fact that they have not mastered all the tools.

Working with this platform is not difficult, it will quickly take care of the trader who has just started trading. It is convenient and simple for both a beginner and an experienced entrepreneur. Technical requirements are not high, the platform can be used by anyone who has a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Many Forex brokers now allow you to trade with this terminal to choose the most relevant reviews about Teletrade or Forex Club reviews, as well as read information about the resource of the selected company. There you will find all the information related to the software.

List of forex brokers, using the Trading Platform MetaTrader 4

Forex Club TVTrade HY Markets Exness

Screenshots from the program


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