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JFOREX trading platform 

When choosing a trading platform, it is necessary to understand that everyone has his or her own advantages and disadvantages, so the trader should make a choice based on his or her preferences and ideas about the convenience, necessary functionality and comfort. The JFOREX trading platform is not as popular as MetaTrader 4 and 5, it is not used as often, but still has fans who find it convenient and good.

Regardless of whether you practice automatic or manual trading, the Jaforex platform will be a good tool for earning money in the international currency market. It is a great option for a beginner who has just entered the speculative path and for an experienced trader who was able to evaluate other terminals. In general, JFOREX is chosen by traders who create personal strategies and want to test them. But it’s about those who write in JAVA. Specifications – Vista, Windows 2000, XP, connection speed not less than 36.6 Kbps, CPU frequency from 2.0 GHz, Explorer 7, FireFox 2.0, you can version newer.

Each user chooses the platform he likes personally, meets all the requirements and wishes. Today’s choice is not small, the developers are actively working and creating new options, but not all terminals can satisfy traders. As for JFOREX, it has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

JFOREX advantages

    • The platform runs on many operating systems, you can run automatic strategies, such as Mac, Windows, Linux and others.
    • Strategies (or rather how they are executed) can be visually reproduced in the present time.
    • In this platform, you will be able to create automated strategies depending on how different currency pairs behave.
    • The terminal does not contain interpolated data, which cannot be said about other Forex platforms. JFOREX allows you to use real tick data.
    • There you can find almost two hundred indicators.
    • The user always knows what is happening on the market thanks to the additional information (taken from the liquidity and price accounting) provided to the clients using the platform.
    • You can place OFFER and BID, supplying liquidity on Forex.

thanks to this function

  • If you are a professional automated trader, you can use many of the Java IDEs the platform offers in order to implement automated strategies.

Aside from the pros, there are some features that can be called drawbacks.



  • JForex is not as popular as other platforms and many brokers do not pay attention to it. This platform is mainly used by foreign and some native BCs. If you look at the feedback about Dukascopy, it’s clear that this company prefers Jay Forex.
  • The platform only works with systems that are written in Java. And this is a significant drawback, because the overwhelming number of popular automated strategies are developed in MQL, which is preferred due to convenience and ease of use.

If you can’t understand the platform’s operation, you can use the Forex video to learn more about the terminal’s operation. Choose a platform that will be convenient for you to use personally, but it will not prevent you from learning the opinions of other traders.

Few companies work with this platform, you can learn about other brokers’ offers by reading reviews about TradeFort. Ratings and opinions of “colleagues”, for example, reviews of Oanda will help to decide not only on the choice of the terminal, but also a worthy broker.

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Mirror Trader 

Mirror Trader platform is offered by more than two dozen brokerage companies. Mirror Trader gives the trader the opportunity to use signals in real time, as well as technical analysis tools. And also to choose the effective strategies of more successful colleagues and copy them, which is easy enough even for a beginner. With the help of the terminal, the user can open a huge “warehouse” of good strategies.


The eSignal trading platform offers users who choose it various tools for technical analysis. Choosing this platform, you will be able to use a variety of tools that analyze and scan market data, charts, indicators, modules, with which to test the developed new strategies. eSignal can offer traders a wide range of opportunities, for example, to write trading strategies and indicators using the scripting language.


VertexFX trading platform is deservedly considered to be one of the most reliable trading systems currently available in the financial market. VertexFX is a global tool for electronic trading of currency pairs and other financial instruments, which was created by traders and financial experts. VertexFX includes advanced features such as Ready Smart Dealer, Ready Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge and Ready Multi Account Trader.

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