Forex trading platforms

SpotOption – Forex trading platforms

SpotOption - Forex trading platforms

SpotOption trading platform Spot Option is an investment company and a world-renowned developer of specialized software designed for online trading of various instruments. Since 2008, the company has been specializing in the development of a binary options trading platform. The main product of the developer is the SpotOption trading platform of the same name. Receiving information about the market channels from leading financial media agencies, including Reuters, the company has the most innovative and effective functionality in its trading solutions. Since 2012, the company has been licensed by CySEC to provide services under such a relatively new investment method as …

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MetaTrader 5 – Forex trading platforms

MetaTrader 5 - Forex trading platforms

MetaTrader 5 trading platform MetaTrader 5 trading platform is a great option for traders who have more than one account, because the platform opens up the possibility of quick transition from window to window. Its use makes trading more comfortable and fast. The MetaTrader 5 platform is one of the most popular and used among traders. It is offered by many brokers, as it is convenient and efficient, understandable for beginners and experienced traders. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, the broker rating. will help. Metatrader 5 has many advantages over its analogues. There are virtually no disadvantages, …

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MetaTrader 5 mobile – Forex trading platforms in 2019

MetaTrader 5 mobile - Forex trading platforms in 2019

MetaTrader 5 mobile trading platform Trader’s job is to be able to regularly monitor the state of the market and to be aware of any changes, as it affects his earnings. But it is not always possible to sit at the computer all day long, so mobile trading platforms come to the aid, allowing you to trade anywhere at a convenient time, to have access to quotes, history of transactions. The MetaTrader 5 mobile trading platform is virtually identical to the PC-version. You can use it to set stop-losses, sell and buy, change positions, analyze the market and do everything …

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MetaTrader 4 mobile – Forex trading platforms in 2019

MetaTrader 4 mobile - Forex trading platforms in 2019

MetaTrader 4 mobile trading platform Forex is always in your pocket The number of fans of mobile trading is growing, but there are those who consider it inefficient (less than 10%). Mainly currency traders appreciated the possibility to have more freedom of action and, if necessary, to leave their main work computer. Now there is a considerable assortment of platforms for mobile trade. If you need an application for Android or another device, no problem. The most popular is the mobile trading platform MetaTrader 4, which provides the opportunity to trade fully. Besides, in order for the user to be …

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JFOREX – Forex trading platforms

JFOREX - Forex trading platforms

JFOREX trading platform  When choosing a trading platform, it is necessary to understand that everyone has his or her own advantages and disadvantages, so the trader should make a choice based on his or her preferences and ideas about the convenience, necessary functionality and comfort. The JFOREX trading platform is not as popular as MetaTrader 4 and 5, it is not used as often, but still has fans who find it convenient and good. Regardless of whether you practice automatic or manual trading, the Jaforex platform will be a good tool for earning money in the international currency market. It …

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ATC Trader – Forex trading platforms

ATC Trader - Forex trading platforms

ATC Trader trading platform  ATC Trader is a popular trading platform developed by ATC Brokers investment company in 2013. The application developer is based in the United States of America. The trading application allows you to instantly perform trading operations and place trade orders. The trader has the possibility to activate the trading function in one click, in order to speed up the process of executing transactions, excluding from the process of constant confirmation of the operation. In addition, a trader can trade from the Market Depth (DOM) window and directly from charts. With the help of the TradeStation integrated …

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FOREXTrader Pro – Forex trading platforms

FOREXTrader Pro - Forex trading platforms

ForexTrader Pro Trading Platform   In the process of creating FOREXTrader Pro, developers focused on simplicity and ease of use for beginners, functionality and high performance for an experienced trader. ForexTrader Pro trading platform gives you the opportunity to create charts, manage orders, using a wide range of instruments. In addition, it is very convenient that you will use only one window for all operations – these are the features of the system interface. The level of control is increased by the fact that you will use the same password and login to switch from one system to another. The …

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Active Trader – Forex trading platforms

Active Trader - Forex trading platforms

Active Trader trading platform  Active Trader trading platform is a program offered by many brokers. If you have any doubts about the company you are ready to cooperate with, you can make your choice by giving feedback about TeleTrade and other brokers. Active Trader is popular with traders because it gives them the opportunity to receive full information about the level of market liquidity, in addition to providing the user with speed of execution, offers the opportunity to use the received information for the benefit of trading. The functionality is extensive, and the platform itself is simple. It won’t be …

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Thinkorswim – Forex trading platforms

Thinkorswim - Forex trading platforms

Trading platform Thinkorswim  ThinkDesktop is an institutional-level trading platform. The application was developed by Thinkorswim. The type of trading, for which the application is designed in the first place – daily trading. The Thinkorswim platform is equipped with advanced systems for monitoring and analyzing investment assets, options and derivatives. This makes the platform an efficient, comprehensive and very powerful financial instrument. The platform is available for both fixed installation and browser use for Windows and MacOS operating systems. The platform is equipped with a CNBC Plus tool that allows you to instantly reproduce the state of the financial market. This …

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Mirror Trader – Forex trading platforms

Mirror Trader - Forex trading platforms

Mirror Trader trading platform  Mirror Trader trading platform differs from other terminals where trading is performed. That is, you make deals, but not as usual – a huge amount of news, a large selection of instruments and an endless flow of information that falls on the head of a beginner who can not understand what is happening at all, starts to get lost and, of course, lose their money. Before choosing a platform and a way to make money, it is necessary to decide on an important question – a broker. By the way, the MirrorTrader platform is offered by …

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