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Trading platform eSignal 

Trading platform eSignal offers users who choose it a variety of tools for technical analysis, as well as a rich set of tools that will help traders in Forex trading, make it faster, more convenient and efficient. It’s good for both an experienced trader and a novice.

Selecting this platform, you will be able to use a variety of tools that analyze and scan market data, charts, indicators, modules, with which to test new strategies developed, as well as provide you with reports on their level of efficiency and overall performance.

In eSignal, there are many different useful features and capabilities included. And taking into account that together with all this you get the latest news and analytics, information from the world’s leading exchanges, it turns out that the eSignal platform is a really high quality and comprehensive solution to ensure efficient trading.

eSignal offers many companies, if you don’t know which one to choose yet, check out the reviews of GO Markets, Alpari, InstaForex and other brokers.

Benefits of eSignal

eSignal can offer traders a wide range of opportunities, for example, to write trading strategies and indicators using the scripting language. Thanks to the presence of Esignal Formula Script trader has the ability to program strategies and indicators regardless of complexity. Moreover, it is possible to create one’s own technique of analysis without any special skills and education. This is done quickly enough with Formula Wizard.

On this platform, the most popular charts are available, including histograms, dots, lines, Japanese candlesticks, bars, etc. Drawing tools and built-in indicators are available in more than 100 pieces. Making changes to indicators, programming your own and much more.

If you already have enough experience and confidence in your abilities, you can take advantage of the opportunity to create your own strategies that you will be testing and use in further trading. eSignal Strategy Analyzer will show the user how successful the testing was. Your strategy will be calculated by hundreds of different indicators.

Buy or sell – orders are given directly from the platform. Thus, a trader can solve a question of time, because in the market, which is particularly dynamic, it is important literally every second. In order for the broker to receive the order quickly, the user only needs to click once and everything is ready.

Create a portfolio of symbols in eSignal only once, and then, when you need to analyze it, you’ll use the portfolio you’ve already created. Another advantage is that this platform contains OptionsPlus for optional analysis. It will allow you to detect and monitor optional positions.

Probably, if you try to trade on eSignal, you will find not only advantages, but also disadvantages, but there are no perfect platforms for everyone. To ensure that the trading process does not irritate, but brings only pleasant emotions, it is necessary to choose the platform to your liking. It should be understandable, convenient for you and ensure that all the requirements you put forward to the trading terminal are met.

This is individual, as is the choice of a broker. On our website you can find a full list of binary options brokers, as well as feedback on various brokerage companies and brokerage companies, for example, feedback on FxPro. If you want to cooperate with another company, you can watch the reviews about LiteForex, which will give you an opportunity to understand how satisfied its present and past clients are and make a choice.



Mirror Trader 

Mirror Trader platform is offered by more than two dozen brokerage companies. Mirror Trader gives the trader the opportunity to use signals in real time, as well as technical analysis tools. And also to choose the effective strategies of more successful colleagues and copy them, which is easy enough even for a beginner. With the help of the terminal, the user can open a huge “warehouse” of good strategies.


VertexFX trading platform is deservedly considered to be one of the most reliable trading systems currently available in the financial market. VertexFX is a global tool for electronic trading of currency pairs and other financial instruments, which was created by traders and financial experts. VertexFX includes advanced features such as Ready Smart Dealer, Ready Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge and Ready Multi Account Trader.

Trading Station II 

Trading Station II trading platform was created especially for traders by FXCM. Trading Station II is a quality product, which was developed to create comfortable trading conditions. Special attention was paid to fast and comfortable closing, opening and changes. The terminal offers many linear tools and technical indicators. The user can change the tool properties and terminal settings.

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