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Cryptocurrency Rating 2019

 CryptocurrencyPrice, USDMarket capitalization, USD24 hours, %7 days, %
1ForexPulseBitcoin7 505.84135 193 888 0860.45-6.27
2ForexPulseEthereum162.6117 608 938 8010.72-6.95
3ForexPulseXRP0.2812 091 296 6033.16-4.7
4ForexPulseTether1.014 134 704 4380.110.19
5ForexPulseBitcoin Cash215.813 901 031 7673.17-0.23
6ForexPulseLitecoin50.003 176 698 3561.35-7.14
7ForexPulseBinance Coin17.232 679 468 8503.74-5.65
8ForexPulseEOS2.762 588 079 6981.8-4.76
9ForexPulseBitcoin SV111.912 022 059 58916.0925.74
10ForexPulseStellar0.061 211 968 5991.47-4.49
11ForexPulseTRON0.021 026 186 4636.351.86
12ForexPulseCardano0.04982 874 8573.78-1.73
13ForexPulseChainlink2.69943 200 0040.8811.29
14ForexPulseUNUS SED LEO0.94938 494 208-1.23-7.29
15ForexPulseMonero53.82929 780 7613.07-5.42
16ForexPulseHuobi Token3.18767 763 0120.61-8.55
17ForexPulseIOTA0.25707 939 4940.25-6.32
18ForexPulseDash63.67580 191 2052.26-6.79
19ForexPulseCosmos2.80534 638 9234.2-1.33
20ForexPulseTezos0.77511 102 7641.77-12.41
21ForexPulseMEXC Token0.56509 782 008-2.38-6.37
22ForexPulseEthereum Classic4.29490 810 9890.81-4.03
23ForexPulseNEO6.93488 686 0781.1-3.49
24ForexPulseUSD Coin1.01480 173 7460.090.15
25ForexPulseMaker467.69467 694 6642.25-3.88
26ForexPulseNEM0.04342 330 0692.38-8.66
27coin ForexPulseCrypto.com0.03328 618 024-7.05-11.21
28Basic Attention Token0.23314 414 462-4.723.65
29ForexPulseDogecoin0.00308 221 6252.29-8.52
30ForexPulseINO COIN1.69303 933 2960.71-8.29
Total capitalization, USD: $196,564,971,439 

What are the most important cryptocurrencies for today? You will find the answer to this question in our Top Cryptocurrency Rating, which is based on capitalization data and investor preferences. Follow the dynamics of the cryptocurrency prices and vote for your currency on forex-ratings.ru. Cryptocurrency rating is based on the data provided by www.crypto-rating.com

Cryptocurrencies with the highest growth potential

Starting from 2019, we can expect crypto-asset prices to rise not only due to the completion of the decline cycle and internal factors, but also due to the arrival of classical investors in the market. With long-term investments, the current bitcoin price levels may be perceived as one of the most acceptable entry levels because the cryptocurrency bubble has almost completely deflated and the technology’s potential is still enormous.

Once some virtual currencies become securities, a new round of market development should be expected, making them available to retailers and providing a wide range of investment tools for everyone. This can cause a real gold rush. It is expected that STO will eventually completely replace ICO.

  • Bitcoin. The world of cryptocurrency cannot do without it – BTC is used as the entry/exit currency to this market, as a measure of value and as the base currency for trading.
  • Ripple. This is one of the first successful applications of blockchain technology in the industry for which a cryptocurrency, namely money transfers, was originally created.
  • The more risky part of the portfolio may be directed towards buying tokens from companies that already have a finished product and a solid customer base, such as the leader among the Binance (BNB) crypto-bond exchanges and the pioneer of security tokens Nexo (NEXO).

Crypto Alert: What mistakes cryptoinvestors make

Studies show that more than 40% of cryptoinvestors are long-term investors or Bitcoin holders. During the fall of the cryptographic market, many of these enthusiasts continue to keep their coins, despite the losses, which, according to investment experts, can not be called the right investment strategy. Following the “buy on the drop” principle and investing in the market without signs of a rapid recovery are also emotionally based strategies. In addition, many cryptocurrency investors are often under pressure from public opinion. To avoid this, Bitcoin investors need to analyze their actions regularly. Otherwise, investors will not properly assess the risks of their future decisions.

Advice to cryptocurrency investors

Look forward to the emergence and rapid development of a number of new virtual currencies. Distribute investments between multiple coins to minimize risk.
There is information that Telegram, Google and Facebook are considering launching their own virtual currencies. The emergence of coins from these corporations may unpredictably change the value of many cryptocurrencies, but overall capitalization will definitely increase.


The world’s first cryptocurrency, created by Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, is at the top of the rating. Today it is the most popular virtual currency on the market and, although its legal status may differ from country to country, Bitcoin transactions are allowed in Japan, Canada, the United States, Singapore, some European countries, Australia, etc. In Russia, the legal regulation of cryptocurrency is under discussion. Bitcoin’s entry into the market has caused a real turmoil in the financial world – for the first time, technologies that later borrowed other digital coins were used to create a cryptocurrency. The transparency of the system, the impossibility of counterfeiting the cryptocurrency and its complete decentralisation have made the virtual currency an undeniable advantage, which has enabled it to rapidly increase the number of users. Today, the reputation of Bitcoin is so strengthened that it has gained recognition from major retailers, including Amazon, Subway and even Victoria’s Secret. Over time, the popularity of Bitcoin mining or “mining” – the creation of a cryptocurrency using a computer algorithm that is distributed to all members of the online network – has increased. The system is designed so that participants run the algorithm on their computers, which should find the correct code – “hash”. Miners who find the code receive a small number of bitcoins as a reward. This process requires a lot of processing power and energy, so if you still want to invest in bitcoins, you can buy this currency on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Those who do not have $2,614 (as of July 4, 2017) to buy 1 Bitcoin can buy Satoshi, a surprisingly small portion.


If Bitcoin is digital gold, it’s definitely silver. The second in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization is part of the decentralized etherium platform, which was launched by Vitalik Buterin on July 30, 2016. The main difference between blockchain and etherium platforms is their purpose and capabilities. Thanks to smart contract technology, the etherium not only allows for the creation of currency, but also for the creation of decentralized applications, which attracts major technology players such as Intel and Microsoft.


Ripple – a completely new kind of digital money – is a means of instant conversion of any currency without a central exchange office. Because of this unique feature, an internal coin called an “XRP” cannot be used for retail purchases, however, the riple potentially increases the trading turnover in many existing currencies. Transactions are made on a contractual basis and are reversible, which distinguishes the riple from other virtual coins. Ripple has the third largest market capitalization, and its price is likely to rise – because of its design it is not able to completely replace analogue currencies, but the payment network that supports it, can transform the way business is conducted around the world.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash” cryptocurrency appeared as a result of the separation of the Bitcoin blockchain registry in order to speed up the processing of transactions in the network. The size of Bitcoin Cash is 1.915 MB, which is almost twice the size of the block in the original chain. Bitcoin itself was traded at a price of about $2,700 before and after the so-called “fork”. On the first day of the auction, Bitcoin Cash’s exchange rate ranges from $200 to $400. The protocol update was supported by the majority of Bitcoin community members, as well as many exchanges. Presence of two different Bitcoins should not represent problems for private investors. Taking into account that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have different characteristics, their price will start to move independently rather quickly.


The Tether project was initiated in 2015 by the Bitfinex exchange. The main goal was to exchange real dollars for digital ones, which allowed avoiding bureaucratic difficulties in the bidding process, as well as barriers and bans on converting with the cryptocurrency. The digital dollar was then adopted at the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex. Traders were advised to use this option as a simplified way to move from e-money to digital money. Many pairs began to trade to the digital dollar. The Tether platform is based on Bitcoin blockchain using the Mastercoin/Omni algorithm and has the main characteristics of cryptocurrency money. However, their implementation causes a controversial attitude of users and analysts. The project provides an opportunity to convert any national currency into a digital analogue in the ratio of 1:1. The exchange marker of the selected money will receive the letter T added at the end. As a result, users will be able to quickly enter real money into trading with digital currencies.


Cryptocurrency, created by former Google employee Charles Lee, is already being accepted by companies in electronics, clothing, games and advertising. The main feature of Litecoin network is its ability to process a higher volume of transactions than its analogue – Bitcoin. Another advantage is the large pool of coins: it is planned to create about 84 million litecoins in the history of the currency, which is four times the number of coins in the Bitcoin network. Theoretically, this should allow Litecoin not to become too affordable, which may lead to its devaluation, but also not to become too difficult to generate, and thus potentially too expensive. How this strategy will work in the long run, we still have to see, but the current value of $50 per coin shows good prospects for the cryptocurrency.

Binance Coin

The Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency was created as a stock token based on Ethereum blockchain. Within the framework of the trading platform these digital money in the short term are intended to attract attention to the exchange. In the long term, the exchange plans to switch to a decentralized basis of blockchain. Binance Coin meets the main parameters of full-fledged digital money, but the developers have revised a number of key aspects. The development of Binance Coin’s cryptocurrency is based on the success of its stock exchange. If plans to move to a decentralized basis are confirmed by real actions, these digital money have a significant potential for growth as a trading floor asset.


EOS is a blockchain platform designed to develop decentralized applications (dapps). It features a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as the potential absence of limits on the number of transactions per minute. The main difference between the EOS authentication mechanism and the systems in other blockchains is the presence of many settings. And all of them can be used by any member of the network. Accounts have their own levels of access to specific projects and applications. If necessary, it is possible to exchange databases from different accounts. One of the main differences between this platform and many other blockchain systems is the absence of commissions charged from users. Initially, this platform is completely free of charge. But it concerns only the basic access to the toolkit. Here, the authors of the project do not require any payment. A set of components for creating your own blockchain and applications is completely free.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is a hardcoin cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. SV stands for “satoshi vision”. If the authors of BitcoinCashSV are able to fulfill their promises, the rate of their coins will increase dramatically. And it will bring considerable profit to the owners of this cryptocurrency. Currently, BitcoinCashSV is in the top of the cryptocurrency. Its price and capitalization are very high. It is combined with high liquidity of the coin. Therefore, they attract many traders, which only increases its value.

The Stellar Lumens project was developed in 2014 against the backdrop of widespread criticism of Ripple. Many users and analysts accused the developers of this cryptocurrency of a centralized approach to development. As a result, the idea arose to create a forecasted system with the same principles, but with an emphasis on decentralization of the system. The main purpose of cryptocurrency is internal functionality, system support fee and investment. Therefore, in order to assess the potential and development prospects, attention is paid not to digital money, but to the Stellar Lumens platform. The original name is Stellar, which was later changed to Lumens. The developers do not aim to make their own digital money a full-fledged means of payment or an intermediary currency for exchange.

Stellar Lumens

The Stellar Lumens project was developed in 2014 against the backdrop of widespread criticism of Ripple. Many users and analysts accused the developers of this cryptocurrency of a centralized approach to development. As a result, the idea arose to create a forecasted system with the same principles, but with an emphasis on decentralization of the system. The main purpose of cryptocurrency is internal functionality, system support fee and investment. Therefore, in order to assess the potential and development prospects, attention is paid not to digital money, but to the Stellar Lumens platform. The original name is Stellar, which was later changed to Lumens. The developers do not aim to make their own digital money a full-fledged means of payment or an intermediary currency for exchange.


It is a cryptocurrency that is used and widely demanded by gamers in the gaming industry and amateur games. Cryptocurrency experts around the world predict excellent prospects for Tron. The Tron coin was founded by the Chinese company TRON Foundation, registered in Singapore. TRON works as a unit of account in the application on blockchain, in which the creators of the content will be able to receive remuneration for its distribution. The ecosystem token is TRONIX.


Altcoin Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that operates on a specially developed blockchain platform using a special protocol and principles of scientific philosophy. The developers and creators of the project initially deconstructed the basic concept of the cryptocurrency, integrated it into the Proof-of-Stake system, included their own Ouroboros algorithm – in fact, they created the platform and Cardano (ADA) coins not according to the template of any existing project, but created their own child from scratch. IOHK was the first company to use the results of scientific research to implement useful conclusions in its project. In the future, blockchain NEO will serve to tokenize assets, create smart contracts and digital certificates.


The name of the Monero cryptocurrency is taken from the Esperanto language, in which “Monero” means coin or currency. Its first issue took place on 18 April 2014. Unlike Bitcoin, the total issue of Monero is not limited: after the initial issue of 18.4 million Monero, the subsequent mining will bring in 0.6 new Monero for each two-minute block. This was done to ensure that the miners will support the system even after the main issue. Currently, the cryptocurrency is primarily used for anonymous transactions.


Recently, the Bitfinex exchange released its own token – Unus Sed Leo (LEO). In just a month, the cryptocurrency has managed to grow by 80% and break through in the top 20 CoinMarketCap. LEO is a utility token that can be used on all iFinex platforms, including Bitfinex and Ethfinex. The token got its name from the motto of iFinex company “Unus Sed Leo”. Like Binance Coin (BNB), LEO gives its holders discounts on the trade commission and also iFinex burns tokens on fixed dates.

Huobi Token

Huobi Token, the internal cryptocurrency of the Huobi Exchange, is focused on stable development and support of the user base and investors. Huobi Token was created as the internal cryptocurrency of the Huobi Exchange. This trading floor is considered one of the largest in China and in the world. Creation of own digital money on the basis of ether tokens allows to optimize offered services and make them more reliable for use.


ChainLink’s cryptocurrency is one of the currencies that make it easier for the consumer to interact with a supplier of goods or services. Due to the active integration of blockchain technology into the life of the average person, these currencies have been in high demand in recent years. ChainLink has developed a technology that forms such channels between different data providers through blockchain technology. Simply put, it has created oracles that enable the implementation of smart contracts between cryptographic infrastructure and third-party information sources. This makes it possible to create information networks between several companies. Such networks are unregulated by nobody and nothing but a smart contract and are inherently decentralized.


IOTA is an exchange network project for the IoT based on the unique Tangle consensus method. While traditional blockchains, such as the Blockchain of Bitcoin, check transactions with miners, in Tangle, each transaction forms a new block and users check the transactions of other users themselves. There are no commissions for transactions within the network, which allows you to make micro-payments in real time, in addition, the system is infinitely scalable.


Neo is a Chinese analogue of the airwaves, allowing companies to convert software to blockchain and digital technology. NEO’s cryptocurrency has been showing stable and continuous growth for a long time. The volume of NSW cryptocurrency reserves is clearly defined and limited to 100 million tokens. So far, only half of the available potential is available on the market – 50 million tokens.


The Dash cryptocurrency was created by developers Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan. The main feature of Dash is the Darksend mechanism. In order to make transactions anonymous, special servers called Masternodes collect and execute several transactions at once, “mixing” them – as a result, it becomes extremely difficult to track whose coins are being transferred and for whom. Thanks to the payment mixing mechanism, Dash is the most confidential cryptocurrency to date. Another key feature of Dash is the X11 hashing algorithm system. While most cryptocurrencies use either Scrypt or SHA-256 as proof-of-work, the alternative to X11 allows users with less powerful hardware to compete with those using specialized mining hardware. X11 also consumes 30 percent less power than Scrypt, which reduces energy costs during mining.


Cosmos Cryptocurrency (ATOM) has recently appeared on the market, but it did not prevent it from attracting a lot of attention. Altcoin appeared on the market in 2019, but work on it began in 2017. Cosmos is a global ecosystem that unites different blockchains. Or, as the developers themselves say, “Internet blockchains. The system has its own blockchain – Cosmos Hub. Almost all top exchanges themselves, without an application from the developers, added altokin to the listing.


Initially, Tezos entered the trading arena as an alternative version of Ethereum. The technical innovation of the project was an important component of the blockchain market. For Tezos, the new Michelson language developed by the company was used, which served for the full official verification of the protocol, which is a check for failures and inconsistencies that exist in the software algorithms.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a cryptographic platform for developing open source applications. The platform produces the Ether cryptocurrency, which allows you to create your own tokens on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The Etherium Classic network has several wallets for storing, buying or exchanging currency. The choice of wallet depends only on the convenience of a particular user.


The Maker project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to create a series of decentralised tokens linked to the value of fiat money. The platform is also developing an appropriate exchange based on smart airtime contracts and providing access to margin trading based on collateral positions. The first stable cryptocurrency to be launched as part of the Maker platform was Dai digital money. The launch took place in December 2017, with the exchange rate pegged to the dollar at a ratio of 1:1. At the same time, the developers allow deviations in both directions around 5% – this figure is considered the norm in the trading pairs of fiat currencies.


Ontology (ONT) is a project created by the Chinese company Onchain. It is a platform for building blockchain systems for the needs of any organization. Ideally, everyone can interact with the system. The main idea of the project is to combine blockchain technology with the real economy. The Ontology cryptosystem can be used in many fields of activity, such as education, medicine, logistics and so on. The main task of the developers was to implement blockchain in various operating organizations and enterprises, which will later interact with each other within the same ecosystem.

USD Coin

USDC, or USD Coin, is a cryptocurrency that is the digital equivalent of the US dollar. It refers to so-called steyblocks, coins, whose rate depends on the hard fiat currency. USD Coin is a classic representative of steyblecoins. The main difference between these coins is that their fluctuations do not depend on changes in the exchange rate of other cryptocurrencies. In particular, they are not related to the Bitcoin rate. And USD Coin is the latest of this type of cryptocurrencies. It became officially available only in October 2018.

Crypto.com Coin

Crypto.com Chain is a new project from Crypto.com. Its main goal is to integrate blockchain into all spheres of life. In particular, to make the cryptocurrency as popular as fiat money. Crypto.com Chain’s project will offer users a number of interesting features, such as: excellent offers to encourage buyers to use the cryptocurrency; no commissions for sellers; a simple and intuitive interface that does not cause any problems for users; and a decentralized system of funds transfers.


NEM or New Economy Movement is a community-centric cryptocurrency that runs through the XEM symbol. Originally NEM was launched as an Nxt plug, but its creators eventually encoded a completely new platform from scratch. The Alpha version of the project was launched on June 25, 2014, and the first stable release took place on March 31, 2015.


INO COIN (INO) cryptocurrency / token built on the Ethereum platform, launched in March 2018. Ino Coin is a global platform for financing and providing know-how for young blockchain projects.


Dogecoin Cryptocurrency was created as a joke, but over time it has proved to be one of the most popular among users. Such success of digital money is due to the extremely low commission for transfers and their participation in sponsoring of sportsmen. The brand was based on the popular at that time Internet-meme of a surprised dog – the developers believed that it will contribute to the promotion of the new cryptocurrency.

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