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Benefits and disadvantages of VertexFX

The VertexFX is an analytical and information platform developed by Hybrid-Solutions. VertexFX Trader has a closed loop trading structure with backoffice support, customer hosting terminals, White Labeling and Bridging features. Through the VertexFX risk management bridge, liquidity providers can be automatically cleaned up.

VertexFX is available to millions of users looking for online trading platforms. VertexFX participated in more than 20 international FOREX fairs that have made us one of the world’s most important suppliers of solutions for Market Maker. VertexFX is deservedly considered one of the most reliable trading systems currently on the financial market. The platform was developed by Hybrid Solutions, a Jordanian company. The first version of the commercial application was released in 2008 and has been constantly improved and supplemented with new useful features and state-of-the-art trading technologies.

VertexFX Platform Brokers: Fibo Group, TeleTrade, Alpari, Alpha Forex, AMarkets

Platform Features:

ULTRA4FX LIQUIDITY PROVIDER. ULTRA4FX is the declared liquidity provider for the VertexFX 10 platform. The platform is a complete trading package, and ULTRA4FX works closely with developers to ensure it is optimized for our traders. Powerful technology gives clients the opportunity to invest in financial markets. Fast execution is not every platform boasts, especially with the lowest latency in the entire market.  Speed and analysis. Accurate and fast analysis allows you to access market information in seconds and respond to changing opportunities in real time. Easy order threshold. With proven simplicity and performance, the platform offers several ways to open and close positions, including directly from citation windows and charts. The customized user interface provides all the data you need for a successful trade, from tracking open positions to examining your account history. Powerful tools and indicators. Vertex has the most accurate and powerful tools in the market, where successful investors expect profitable market opportunities. API keys and mobile trading. Powerful and fast Android/iOS trading apps.  VertexFX is a global e-commerce tool for currency pairs and other financial instruments, which was created by traders and financial experts.  The platform has two modules: the BackOffice module, which is the main control module operating on the side of the trading room, and the client module, which is the module with which the client conducts direct trading operations.

VertexFX: 10111

VertexFX trading platform has advanced features such as Ready Smart Dealer, Ready Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge and Ready Multi Account Trader (e-Broker). In addition, the platform can be placed on the date of the development center and host on the client’s website. The platform is equipped with many notifications, such as email alerts and SMS messages, and allows you to back up your data online. The application allows you to trade directly from charts and also has integrated trading charts and news channels. VertexFX Trader handles most current trading orders, including Stop Order, Market Order and Limit Order, giving the trader maximum possible control over trading operations. With vertexFX Risk Management Bridge, the trader has the ability to automatically settle with liquidity providers.

VertexFX advantages of the trading platform: 10111

The disadvantages of the platform are few and small, considering the quantity and importance of its advantages, but for objectivity we will mention them. The platform is not free of charge and is charged monthly. VertexFX Trader does not allow traders to create their own trading systems, although this allows them to create their trading indicators.

Trading Orders, such as Trailing Stop Order and OCO Order, are not available on the platform.

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