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Advantages and disadvantages of a shopping station

101.000 Trading Platform Trading Station was created specifically for traders by FXCM. The terminal offers many linear tools and technical indicators. You can change the properties of the terminal tools and settings. Particular attention was paid to quick and convenient closure, opening, changes. 

Now a very large selection is open to currency traders. If you have just started trading and do not know which terminal to choose, let’s take a closer look at Trading Station II.

At the moment, despite the wide range, there are several leaders – the most popular among trading platforms traders. Stasishin 2 Trading Platform is one of them due to the fact that it can meet the requirements for functionality, performance and performance. It is convenient to use and is similar not only to an experienced trader who has tried not a single terminal, but also for beginners who have never encountered trading on the market.

You can use this platform by selecting a broker that will provide you with a client terminal. According to traders Trading Station II is a high quality product that was developed to create a comfortable trading environment. Particular attention was paid to quick and convenient discovery, changes.

Regardless of whether the trader closes the position or creates a schedule, all processes are carried out very quickly, which is important in Forex trading. When creating a platform, it was the trading parameters that were mostly taken into account, not the ones. Orders are executed quickly enough, the terminal is stable, also not pumped support. The quality of this OP is evidenced by the fact that two years in a row from 2009 to 2010 the platform was named the best according to FX Week.

Benefits Trading Station

User available various tools. The interface is convenient and simple, so it will be bright even for beginners. All citations are only available in real time, and there is an archive of them. The information is exported according to DDE in real time. The user can – to carry out operations, monitor the account, manage those items that are open, place any orders. If necessary, you can get an account report. Orders can be be implemented by immediate implementation. You can create and print different graphics. The terminal offers many linear tools and technical indicators. News from reputable bilingual agencies (Russian and English). You can change the properties of the terminal tools and settings. You can use the terminal without connecting to the server. Without utensils, you can place a moving stop order, open inside the spread, hedge, get all the data about completed trades at any time, open with one click.

To list the advantages of the platform may be further, but it will be a detailed instruction. We are dealing with professionals, now let’s talk about the disadvantages.

Faulty Trading Station

The platform is good, so it has some negatives. The downsides include the fact that if the trader uses a wireless connection, the platform may not work as effectively as we would like, that is, in this case there is a possibility of system failure. Therefore, it is best to use the standard, so-called “wired internet”. Another caveat is that the platform is designed to trade more than to perform technical analysis. Reviews from traders and articles about Forex will tell you that there are no ideal platforms, everyone has its drawbacks. Choose what’s more convenient for you.

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