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Active trader benefits and disadvantages

Active Trader

trading platform was created by Fidelity Investments to provide direct market access. Users of this platform receive real-time streaming quotes and full information on market liquidity at ten levels. The platform has a simple implementation and modification interface, easy position management, powerful technical analysis tools. The trader can choose screen layouts or customize their own. Active Trader is popular with traders because it provides complete information on the level of liquidity of the market, in addition to providing the user with speed of execution, offers to take advantage of the information received for the benefit of trading. The functionality is extensive and the platform itself is simple. For an experienced entrepreneur, training will not be a problem, and for a beginner – it takes a few hours, well or days (who like) to understand the rules of operation and knowledge of all possibilities.

Active Trader platform gives you the opportunity to receive information and conduct market analysis on such indicators – liquidity, depth and price. Its advantage is that the trader always has the most up-to-date market data and therefore the ability to use them for profit. All quotes are true (from large financial institutions that provide liquidity), on their basis the trader can estimate the existing demand.

Active Trader: LegacyFX, TeleTrade, Grand Capital, Alpha Forex, Just2Trade

Active Trader

Advantages – Ten. Regardless of the level, the trader has the opportunity to look at liquidity at all. VWAP – with this feature, the user can find out what the execution price is for the position. If you do not connect with small offers and play on a large one, this opportunity will definitely come in handy. It is usually difficult to know the average price, especially when prices and liquidity levels change almost instantly, and VWAP can also help you find a place to place an order for the right liquidity. You don’t have to specify the volume, just click on the price. Ordinary users receive additional features, namely Pro Real Time, which expands the possibilities of creating charts. Honesty of execution. All quotes online. Offers are confirmed very quickly. You can monitor your gains or losses in real time, open positions. There is no need to switch all the data that the trader has to work on the screen. In a convenient way, the trader has the opportunity to submit an application and will literally immediately receive a report on the trading account, which will be displayed and painted on time of all movements. All transactions, loss and profit reports, whether there are assets and margins and more.

Professional trading platform from Fidelity Investments for traders and investors. A popular platform among many forex brokers, allowing you to receive comprehensive information about liquidity in the market, ensures fast execution of trades. The platform is very easy to use, despite the fact that its functionality is very large. Even a novice trader will not have difficulty quickly getting used to the platform and efficient use of trading tools.

Each platform except the advantages has its drawbacks, Active Trader is no exception, although most often problems arise in individual traders, and most of them are quite good and there are no complaints about it. 

Minus can be called the fact that for some additional features, for example, for special graphics, you need to pay extra. Sometimes it can be “hanging”, but what platform does not happen? Choosing a terminal is a purely personal choice of a person who understands that it is closer and more convenient.

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